Payment Plan

Payment Plan

The continuous rise in property rates is taking place, but Viva City has come with a really affordable and safest mode of payment. They are offering luxurious 2 and 3 BHK at the best possible price. You can also get easy bank loans for your apartment. We understand that many people would like to buy property, but due to high costs they are unable to fulfil their wants.

At the time of booking, customers need to pay for 450 Per Sq Ft. The next payment has to be made within 45 days and when transfer of land certificate is made, you can pay for remaining 450 sq ft. The cost of construction for semi – furnished apartments are at the rate of Rs. 1800/sq. Ft.

Look at the plans and choose the best one for yourself:

  • Rate of land per square ft  - Rs 1400
  • Rate of construction per square ft – Rs 1800 sq ft
  • Cost of 900 sq ft – INR - 28,80,000
  • Cost of 1050 sq ft – INR - 33,60,000
  • Cost of 1200 sq ft – INR - 38,40,000
  • Cost of 1350 sq ft – INR - 43,20,000
  • Cost of 1600 sq ft – INR - 51,20,000
  • Cost of 1800 sq ft – INR - 57,60,000
  • Cost of 2100 sq ft – INR - 67,20,000
  • Cost of Parking – INR - 2 lakhs per vehicle

Apart from the payment plans, the members may also have to pay some other charges as levied by the competent authority. Any extra amount would be charged proportionately from all members. All plans and specifications can also be changed if any; authority takes any decision to do so.

Having a luxurious home is a dream for many people. Viva City has been beautifully designed to provide full comfort to people. You should consider two main factors - Price and budget for the project. Viva City is equipped with different amenities like swimming pool, gym, cafeteria and multipurpose room.

So, Come and experience the living style with us!!


Plan-I (Rs.150 / Sq. Ft. discount)

Size In sq. ft.

Land Cost per sq. ft. (in Rs.)

Construction Cost per sq. ft.(in Rs.)

Total Cost per Sq Ft

Total Amount

900 1400 1800 3200 2880000
1050 1400 1800 3200 3360000
1200 1400 1800 3200 3840000
1350 1400 1800 3200 4320000
1600 1400 1800 3200 5120000
1800 1400 1800 3200 5760000
2100 1400 1800 3200 6720000


Construction cost as per CLPP @ Rs. 1800/sq.ft (Semi Furnished) based on your choice of apartment.

  • Construction cost and car parking charges are tentative and will be charged as per construction link payment plan.
  • Any other charges lived by any competent authority will be charged propositionally from members.
  • PLC, PDC, IDC Charges will be applicable as per DDA norms.
  • 2 parking’s Space is compulsory for 3BHK flat holders.
Green Home
Gas Pipeline
Gym and Spa
Community Centre
Swimming Pool
Badminton Court
CCTV Cemera
24X7 Electricity
24X7 Water